Fact: Antarctica is the Only Continent with no Owls
Snack Time
Fact: The Jackrabbit can Travel more than 12 ft. in One Hop
They do Exist
Fact: Wolves are Opportunistic Hunters that use Ambushing and even Cannibalism
Cain and Able
Fact: When Tasmanian Devils are upset their Ears Blush Bright Red
Tastes like Chicken
Fact: The Flamingo's Eye is Larger than it's Brain
You can Dance if you want to
Fact: All Porcupines Float in Water
I lay Eggs too!
Fact: Platypuses Do not have Teeth
Finders Keepers
Squirrels are Lovin' it
Tea Anyone?
One Frog, Two Frogs, Red Frog, Blue Frog
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