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In the past few years, my work has not been focused in any one direction. In fact, I have been all over the place in terms of concept, subject matter, and medium. I have enjoyed the opportunity to explore all my different ideas at the same time, try experimental techniques, and learn from both successes and failures.

My work spans from traditional oil painting to mixed media and experimental techniques. I tend to work on two separate bodies of work at the same time. Different materials evoke different conceptual ideas in my work. One body of work is strictly oil painting. This work is bold with color, playful with content, and a layering of Art Nouveau inspired images with Art Deco inspired geometric shapes. The second body of work is heavier in content. I primarily start with a technique called rust-transfer. This work deals with the ideas of decay, fossils, and biological evolution.

What's on my easel right now?

I am currently trying to marry my two bodies of work by including playful humor and bold colors within a mixed media conceptual piece. I am using facts about animals as my subject matter. Several pieces in this series are now finished. I have added them to the Gallery titled Recent Work:Animals